Sometimes called the LOVE spoon, is a double sided machining process that is now simple to design using Aspire Software.

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This project was downloaded and cut from a FREE monthly Aspire design by Beki.


I used White Ash from our bush lot. I followed Beki's instructions and she as usual was right on, these FREE files are tested and proven by the engineers and designers like Beki at Aspire. This is the back of the spoon.


The front of the spoon, the engraved text can be anything you like, it so happened our 50'th was a couple of years ago so it worked out well for me.


This is the same photo as the one on the left only a little better. The text can be of any Tru Type font and Aspire allows the text to be engraved to the contour of the 3D design. Vectric Aspire, the best CNC design software with the best support.

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