Euchre counter and card boxes

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I found on the internet a Euchre counter and peg box that looked like a challange to build.
Looking at the pictures and shape of the box, I sat down and designed my own using Vectric Aspire software.


I liked the shape and design.
The wood species is Black Cherry cut from our wood lot years ago and milled to boards, air dried outside for 3 years, then stored inside.


I thought I could do a better looking project.


Instead of only profiling the Club,Heart, Spade ,and Diamond , I decided to do a inlay.


I also thought the name, (EUCHRE) should be engraved, so I used a 90° "V" bit.


The lid is held in place with magnets.

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In this photo the unpainted peg will identify what is trump, now in the "stored" neutral position.
The Red peg indicates one point for the Red team and the Black team 4 points. also the Red team has won 2 games and the Black team one game.


Photo with the deck of cards in the box.

photo09 photo010

A close up view of the inlays.
I use a laminoid Gravograph plastic material available in many colours, often used in sign making.


The plastic is machined on a 45° angle and fit snuggly into the pocketed area, the plastic inlays in place result in a smooth flush surface.

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