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The larger tags have a magnetic clasp rather than a pin type that will leave a hole in your clothing. The Key tags are assorted sizes and the material is laminated plastic.


This is my first attempt at pet tags.
Made from Aluminum and plastic they will not rust.


This tag is 1.41 wide and 1.628 tall with a .125 diameter hole.
Or for the diamentions using the imperial system,
1 5/32" wide, by 1 5/8" tall and the hole is 1/8" diameter


This is a better photo.
The material is laminated with a thin layer of Aluminum on each side bonded to the plastic centre.


This is the same Aluminum material as above except is Black.
It is a little difficult to read but the text is engraved into the material.


This is the same tag as displayed above and is actually painted white on both sides but my camera decided to change the colour.

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This tag the same material as above but an oval shape.
1.5" or 1 ½" wide by .75" or ¾ high and 1/8" thick.


Same tag as the one on the left 1/8" holes and 1/8" thick.


These two tags have rounded corners but the same size and material as above except silver paint
1.5" or 1 ½" wide by .75" or ¾ high and 1/8" thick.


I looks like a golden finish but again my camera changed silver to gold.

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